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The Beauty of Language

Welcome back to Tuatuamai, friends. Today we are going to be talking about the beauty of language. It is through our communication that we can truly express ourselves with others.

This open form of expression can be our ultimate form of living. New doors can open. New experiences are waiting to be had. While much of what we communicate is in fact non-verbal, there is still a verbal aspect that is most necessary in our practical every day lives.

However, with all that being said, you have probably encountered circumstances where you were unable to communicate with people. There may have been a number of reasons that didn’t let you achieve your form of expression.

For instance, you may have not spoken the language that another person spoke with whom you wished to communicate. This is a common situation that we all experience on a daily basis. If there is a group or community of people, or even a culture in general, that you would like to be able to communicate with more openly than you might consider picking up a new language.

While it seems like a daunting task, learning a second language can actually be quite fun. It pushes you outside of what is familiar to you and may open you up to new experiences, friends, and opportunities.

As we mentioned in our last article, music comes in many different cultures and forms. For example, the mariachi folk music we talked about rises from the language of Spanish. If you would like to listen to mariachi music then you might try studying the basics of the Spanish language from this Spanish Reviewer website.

I found their resources to be very helpful in guiding me towards my goal of listening to Mexican folk music. If you have your doubts on learning new vocabulary and language you should definitely read Spanish Reviewer’s best language learning software guide. Not every program is for everyone, but you may find the one that is just right for you.

In this guide they reveal the best resources to learning a new language and culture that best fit your personality and time schedule. There is a learning method for each and every one of us no matter how we like to learn.

But if you are like me and want to open your ears to the beauty of Spanish language, I would highly suggest you read Spanish Reviewers review of rocket spanish. This review helped me decide it was the best course of action for me to expand my culture by being able to speak to a whole new culture and listen to the sounds and words of Mexican folk music.

Beyond language, another factor that may not allow you to communicate with certain people is fear of anxiety. Maybe you consider yourself a bit shy around new people. This is common and is no reason to feel ashamed.

The important thing to remember is many people have anxieties about themselves. If you have anxieties I encourage you to talk to someone about your feelings and doubts. Believe me, it helps so much. Find a friend who may be in a similar situation.

Before you know about it the two of you will be openly sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other. This will then help you to be able to open up to others and truly communicate with everyone you wish.

So whether it is a lack of language understanding or social anxiety that holds you back from communicating you must remember that you can change this. Take the leap and learn a new language to expand your culture or make a new friend to overcome your fears and truly experience life.

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The Science of Sound

Welcome to Tuatuamai! We started this site to explore recreational ideas and activities for you and your family to do at home, at work, and during travel. Ever find yourself bored from a long day’s work? Together lets consume all the world has to offer.

And we’ll never be bored again. In this blog we will discover new skills, hobbies, passions, and dreams that we never imagined before. We will be dedicated to learning and understanding new cultures, foods, arts, music, and activities. We will be committed to opening our minds to new theories, concepts, and creativity.

Today we will be covering the science of sound. Do not underestimate the value discovering new music can have on your well being. We all know about the popular top 40 hits on the radio, but what about the undiscovered music your ears have yet to hear?

There are so many beautiful songs across the world. Take for instance the soothing zen music of the Chinese cultural experience. Listening to this for twenty minutes can really get you into a relaxed state. Or consider the more upbeat mariachi folk music from Mexico. While we may not fully understand the words that are being spoken, just experiencing the sounds can get the music’s main message across.

We are social creatures and the vibrations of music were created to communicate with each other. Through this form of culture we can begin to relate to people and societies. While we don’t all have the same life experiences we all commonly share the human experience.

In fact, if you carefully listen to the most popular songs out there today they often are heavily influenced from different cultural rhythms. One great example of this is Calvin Harris’ 2015 hit song, “How deep is your love.” It can be argued that the songs main hook captures its catchy beat from an almost Middle Eastern influence.

This is just one example of many. As mentioned earlier, if you go back and listen to your most favorite songs you will find this is the case with many of them. No matter the genre. Global influences are in front of us everyday. We just have to be open to them.

Expand your music library and never shut yourself off to a certain type of music without listening to it first. You may actually like it and the message it conveys. And remember, you don’t have to fully understand every word that is being said in another language to enjoy the beauty of music.

Music will always be there for you. No matter your current mood or state. There will always be a song to express how you are currently feeling and another song to get you feeling good again. Now put on those headphones and hop on YouTube and start searching.

A whole new world of music awaits you. The only key to entering this door is your open-mindedness. If you are open to new music, culture, and experiences you will find them. And more importantly, they will find you.

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